OUR theater

  • offers space to every single one to be seen and respected the way they are

  • opens possibilities, liberates and accepts

  • is a space where a sound, a step, a movement or a word become a joint act

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Den Mangfaldige Scenen is a place to grow up - I've been there for ten years, with the opportunity to begin as a child, then become a young instructor, and finally a professional performer. It is so important that Den Mangfaldige Scenen with its flat structure gathers young people who can define theatre for themselves guided by professionals. It facilitates relevant and current art for youth and by youth.

Camara Joof, 2018

My personal experience at Den Mangfaldige Scenen was to be respected as a young person and gain the opportunity to develop my own unpolished expression in a safe environment.To be part of a group and at the same time be a voice of your own, to be able to work with different instructors from different fields. As an instructor myself now, I am able to work in an environment that leaves space to be impulsive, work across genres, seek and be open for changes in my work - which is very abundant.

Sarah Camille, 2018

Den mangfaldige scenen

Barne- og ungdomsteater

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