Jane Kelly

has an English father and a Norwegian mother, was born in London and moved to Northern Norway when she was 6 years old. She has a degree in Acting from the Arts Educational School in London and a pedagogic degree from the Royal Academy of Arts (KHIO) in Oslo. Jane has a great deal of experience and works freelance in artistic teams both as singer, actor, composer, playwright and teacher. Jane teaches her students to reflect and enriches their productions with inspiration and variation. She creates room for artistic work that contributes to the development of children and young people's lives.She works with Kulturskoler, Den kulturelle skolesekken, Steinerskole, Videregående skoler, NRK, NRK radioteatret, KHIO, Nationaltheatret, Det Norske Teatret, Den Nationale Scene, Hålogaland teater, Brageteatret, Anneli Drecker, Bel Canto and her own publications. Jane has been contributing the Den Mangfaldige Scenen since 2017.

Den mangfaldige scenen

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