is Strategic and Artistic director in Den Mangfaldige Scenen. She is also a known social scientist and performing artist born and based in Oslo. She grew up in a Norwegian Sikh environment as her parents moved to Norway in the 1970s.


Her major at the University of Oslo was in Criminology. Additionally she has a degree in Classical Indian Dance and Drama from Allahabad University, affiliation London.


Lavleen has been touring as a professional dancer and actress all over Norway as well as abroad. She has been working as a choreographer, instructor and director for decades. Her expertise has been recognised and actively been sought after by renown organisations and stages.


Apart from her dancing skills, Lavleen is a familiar face for the Norwegian audience from several theatre plays, TV-serials, commercials, documentaries & music videos. Norwegian media crowned her as the author Henriks Ibsen's “ First Lady” in 2006, as she made history by being the first woman ever to be casted for three of his plays’ leading role in Norway's three most prestigious theatres (The National Theatre as Nora in “A Doll’s House”, The Rikstheatret as Hedda Gabler in “Hedda Gabler” and The Central Theatre as Ekanta/ Elida Wangel in “Lady from the Indian Sea”).


In her productions she has been focused on contributing to integration and understanding between her two worlds through art. Staying true to her heritage by keeping the traditions intact, she has also been exploring contemporary ways of creating common platforms with other genres as Flamenco, Halling, Jazz, Ballet etc.


As a sharp contrast to the artist described above, Lavleen is also a Criminologist. She has been researching on social control, integration, racism, war traumas, in her parallel world to the stage at the University of Oslo. And very often chosen the stage to convey her research material instead of articles and books.

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