Lavleen Kaur is a social scientist and performing artist from Oslo. She grew up in the Norwegian Sikh environment coming from India to Norway in the early 1970s. Her major at the University of Oslo was criminology. Additionally has she a degree in classical Indian dance from London. She is known as actress of various leading parts of in cross-cultural versions of the play 'Fruen fra havet', 'Et dukkehjem' and 'Hedda Gabler' during the Ibsen year in 2006. She acted in the NRK TV series 'Migrapolis' and was in charge for artistic issues at the Indian Welfare Society of Norway (IWS). At the IWS, she staged a play based on the book Hīr Rāndjā, which is a poem version of one of the four major romantic legends written by Waris Shah in 1766. In 2009, Kaur was a Ph.D. scholar at the CULCOM project at the University of Oslo with the project 'The Others'. Aresearch on sociological consequences of India-Pakistan conflict on the one and the immigrant community in Norway on the other side. Lavleen Kaur acted in the role of the Indian blind passenger ‘Bella’ in the TV series about Captain Sabeltann.

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