Sarah Camille

is a poet, songwriter and storyteller. She lives in Oslo with roots from Martinique and Stavanger. In 2011, Sarah became famous as the slam poet and was awarded Noregsmeister in slam poetry. She was performing at various poetry festivals such as in Sweden, France, Cuba and China. She started her work on drama at Den Mangfaldige Scenen in 2008 and has developed her own expression where music, poetry, storytelling and language meet. Sarah has been working as director at Den Mangfaldige Scenen since 2011. She has been working with the Oslo Filharmonien, Fortellerfestivalen, Oslo World Music Festival, Det Norske Teatret, Litteraturhuset and Det Norske Jentekor. Sarah teaches writing workshops for various sorts of groups such as for asylum seekers, at youth clubs, theatre companies and other cultural spaces. Sarah has been director Den Mangfaldige Scenen since 2013. She studied oral storytelling at Oslo University and literature writing and teaching at Norsk barnebokinstitutt

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